Communications for social good with creative, visual digital engagement

How can I help you?

Using professional and creative PR, branding and imagery I will support you to achieve your business objectives. Based in Cambridge, UK.
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Digital engagementEngage your audience

Helping you to build relationships with your audience through planning, developing and managing your social media activity, brand, email marketing and interactive content.

Behaviour change PRInfluence behaviour

Working with you to understand and put in place interventions that lead people to take positive action. Using PR to develop messaging, improve understanding and manage your reputation.

Improve your imageImprove your image

Shooting or commissioning professional photography or video of your people, services and products to illustrate and engage. Designing graphics, data visualisations and interactive content.

Digital engagement services

Researching, thinking and planning to achieve your goals.

    • Identifying the objectives of your business and your marketing

    • Who are your target audiences?

    • Where are they?

    • What do they need? What branding and messaging would engage them?

    • Reviewing your digital / online brand presence and engagement activity

    • Recommendations for improving engagement

    • Planning integrated digital campaigns

    • Developing a content strategy or plan

Planning, setting up or improving digital channels

    • Twitter
    • Facebook: Page, Group, Events, etc
    • Instagram business profile and Stories
    • LinkedIn: personal or company profiles
    • Email marketing
    • Blogging
    • Websites
    • Other social channels
    • Advertising to amplify 

Planning, devising, creating and publishing high-value, shareable content

Stimulate your audience to engage, build relationships, gain leads and drive traffic to your website or premises.

    • Photography
    • Graphics
    • Data visualisation
    • Video in various formats including live
    • Copywriting
    • Incentives
    • Interactive activities, eg Twitter Chats
    • Full campaigns

Building and nurturing an engaged community.

    • Regular production and posting of relevant, informative, engaging content
    • Following and proactively engaging with your target audience (eg Twitter mentions, retweets, replies, quotes, likes), particularly with key influencers.
    • Monitoring and responding to engagements, having conversations
    • Handling customer service enquiries
    • Measuring and reporting analytics on social media and email activity.

Supporting, training and mentoring you to make the most of your potential. 

    • 1:1 training and support face to face or via Skype
    • Structured or informal training
    • Regular or ad hoc
    • How to use channels and create content
    • Handling issues

What do I know?

With more than 20 years experience leading creative communications in high profile, fast moving, strategic and front line environments across England, I develop award-winning behaviour-change campaigns and digital marketing.

With confidence, versatility, energy and my specialist skills in digital and strategic campaigns, I take a strategic approach to identifying what will work and developing targeted communications.

Most of my experience is with regional and national government and the NHS, plus the science and property sectors and for specialist professionals.

From national integrated marketing campaigns to tweeting for a small business, I am passionately demanding of results that bring truth, authenticity and growth.

What do others say?

Some very kind people I’ve worked with have taken the trouble to feedback.

Jeremy provided me with invaluable support as I set up my business. He skillfully helped me develop a strategy to communicate the work I am passionate about, create content for my website and use social media much more effectively. He also took fantastic professional photos at a number of events I ran which have greatly aided the promotion of my work online and in print. Not only am I impressed by Jeremy's technical and creative skills, but he is also very warm, kind, fun and committed. Passionate about his work, Jeremy is extremely easy to work with - providing his expertise effectively - with a great ability to listen and respond to what I really needed.
Claire Thompson
Author, conservationist, Mindfulness of Nature
Jeremy was exceptionally responsive to our needs, leading an agency service for Genomics England Ltd’s branding, website development, digital marketing and graphic design. He was excellent, I felt well supported and his ideas were very creative and practical in our high pressure environment.
Mark Palin
Director of Communications, Genomics England Ltd
With his enthusiasm coupled with his design skills and creativity, it was Jeremy who made it easy for me to establish myself on Twitter and use it as an engagement tool to connect with customers, colleagues and suppliers. This has been crucial to support the transformation of facilities management across the NHS.
Dennis Markey FRICS CBIFM
Chief Operating Officer, NHS Property Services Ltd
Jeremy has a passion for integrating technology and PR to inform and engage. When I needed to deepen and broaden my networks and enhance wider working relationships, I asked Jeremy to review and advise. His strategic and tactical creativity together with technical skills and sensitivity paid off!
Professor Dr Stephen Dunn
Chief Executive, West Suffolk Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Jeremy is an incredible person to work with as I begin and grow my business and create an active, far-reaching online presence. He supported me in developing my strategy which formed the bedrock for further decision making. He asked great, probing questions to help me articulate my message into a coherent, design conscious narrative resulting in a stunning brand of which I am so proud. I have had such affirming feedback from colleagues and beyond. I am grateful for his innovation, integrity, hardwork (he does most of it!) and belief in what I want to achieve. He also acts as a critical friend, never shying from giving his honest opinion. I’ve loved working with him and intend to keep doing so. I’d recommend him without missing a beat.
Trish Dooley CPCC
Leadership Coach, Consultant & Mentor
Jeremy's relentless determination to plan and develop creative and digital techniques has had a considerable impact. He likes to be innovative, proposing and trying out new ideas, complementing his expertise in applying more traditional approaches. It's with digital that Jeremy made the most difference - conceiving, leading on and developing websites, social media, email marketing, photography, video and the latest interactive content aiming to change the behaviour and perception of target audiences. His approach to collaboration is thoughtful, intelligent, patient and supportive, always wanting to do the right thing. I would not hesitate in recommending Jeremy for his strategic and collaborative thinking, creativity and specialist skills in digital communications and campaigns.
Andrew Millward
Director of Communications and Business Services, NHS Property Services Ltd

Who have I worked with?

My current and recent clients include:

  • Genomics England Ltd

  • Department of Health

  • Cambridge Buddhist Centre

  • Claire Thompson, mindfulness and nature author

  • Kingsway Cycles

  • A facilitator, trainer, coach

  • CambridgeSpace

  • Eclectic Mix Cambridge

  • 360Giving

  • Windhorse Publications

  • A mindfulness coach

  • A language teacher and speaking examiner

  • HealthWatch Cambridgeshire

  • Wearactive Austria, MoaAlm Mountain Retreat

  • Global Sustainable Health Steering Group

  • Trish Dooley – coach and leadership consultant

  • Honest Ideas Ltd

  • NHS Property Services Ltd

  • Literature Cambridge

  • NHS – various bodies

  • Sarah Massie Consulting

  • Food Academy

  • Clare Hall College, University of Cambridge

  • London Coaching Group

What is social good?

I am most interested in supporting people and organisations who are exploring how to play their part in reducing suffering for people and animals – locally or globally; now or for our future.

Through a strategic, behavioural and professional approach to digital communications, I can help you influence your target audience to make positive choices about their lifestyle and the impact of their actions on others, in line with your ethical and commercial objectives.

This might involve the approaches listed here. 

So whether you are running a renewable energy facility that gives all profits to an animal sanctuary, or simply a local business priding yourself on honest conversations with your customers, my values and skills are tuned into your needs.

However, whatever your interests or objectives, working together we can make great use of your potential on social media.

  • Kindness and generosity

  • Equality and social justice

  • Avoiding harming people and animals

  • Reducing impact on the earth’s resources

  • Supporting charity work

  • Community building

  • Fair trade

  • Organic products

  • Vegetarian or vegan products

  • Minimising food and other waste

  • Honesty, fairness and openness in business dealings

Get in touch?

I’m pretty easy going and will enjoy connecting with you, whether over a coffee or whichever way suits you best. 

07796 652866

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